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BICs Update 006 - May 01

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1 BICs Update 006 - May 01 on Wed May 01, 2013 7:09 pm

Jon Bon

It's been a busy past month at Bon Ink for both our development staff and the developers signed on to publish with us. This update covers what some of the teams signed with us have been up to, where our current in house direction is focused, and what some of our staff are up to outside of Bon Ink.

Studio Updates
Ice Box Studios
Work on their first release 'Steep Hill Manor' (working title) is strong underway. They are currently in the conceptual design phase and have been sharing story and concept notes with me. I must say it's shaping out well and looking to be an enjoyable rpg.

LDC Studios
Grave Prosperity is LDC Studios flagship game. Having successfully released to parts of Volume 1, receiving excellent reviews from indie sites, youtube review channels, and more, Grave Prosperity will now be moving towards a new engine and new main character for their next video game release which will be a sequel in the story. The main story told in Volume one on the old engine will now be redone in movie form. Grave Prosperity is looking to be a successful brand sooner rather than later.

The guys over at Onyxbreakers are hard at work as always and have lots to show us as of recently. With their newly launched and remodeled website, they are showing new screen shots, news posts and more. Recruitment for them as been going better and we even have a new member to their team here at the forums.

New Forum Member
I would like to welcome aboard Adam171Miller to the forums, a new member to the Onyxbreakers team!

BICs Development Current Focus
Our general main focus is to generate content for developers and players. At present we are focused on 3 main goals. Each goal works to both great a product for BICs which helps to generate traffic/fans which in turn helps promote the other teams working with us.

Graphics Pack
Composition of a general Graphics Pack for use with any engine, but specifically made to be used with RPG Maker XP, is being designed. The pack will include a large variety of graphics for both modern and medieval use. The forum section with the current graphics can be seen using the link below.

Additionally we will be continously releasing video and text tutorials for whatever engine we are currently developing with. We have 1 completed video tutorial with 2 more ready for production and a number of text tutorials outlined as well. This should be expect to be posted on the forums and our youtube account some time this month.

Finally, we are working on writing a large world encompassing thousands of years. This world will be used as our primary source or lore for game development. 3 games are planned with one main story arch in mind, the first of which intending to be a classic style rpg and use our own custom graphics pack. More information will be made available also later this month.

Ackley's Music
Our head Musical Technician is developing a number of albums for sale for use in rpg development. His music is excellent, and prices affordable. For those signed on you are able to negotiate a deal with him in order to gain the music rights before game sales if necessary. More word on this when news is available.

New Forum Section
We now have a new forum section called 'Science and Technology', and it is located in the Library. This is our first section of the forums intended for social use, but still relates to game development. If you find something in the news relating to science or technology and think it not worthy enough to share with other video game developers, then this is where you would post it. Let's all get inspired by our real world achievements.

Congratulations to Justabox
On a non work related note, I would like to congratulate Justabox (Head Developer of Grave Prosperity @ LDC Studios) and Olivia (Lead Voice Actress for Grave Prosperity) on their recent marriage. The two met through developing Grave Prosperity, and apparently were meant to be, they now intend to spend the rest of their lives together as a power couple spear heading the Grave Prosperity brand! Congrats you two!

Things are looking great, and we seem to have an exciting year ahead of us. Development of our in house rpg should start in a few months, within a few weeks we'll have our first company OUYA to tinker around with and plan for the future, and our first products should be rolling of the digital shelves this summer. As always thanks for reading, and I'll be in touch!

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