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Real time Real size Space Flight Simulator.

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1 Real time Real size Space Flight Simulator. on Sun May 26, 2013 11:13 am

Hey! I'd like to share with you all, a very cool program that i stumbled upon a few days ago. Its called, Kerbal Space Program. In a nutshell its a full scale (both time and size) space flight simulator. With it you can do all sorts of neat things. For example, you can shoot a satellite into the orbit of the moon (or mun in this case), you can orbit kerbin or fly off into the deep dark reaches of the universe.

About the Program
Planet Kerbin, home to the kerbles. A race of intelligent space fanatics dreaming of the day they can send a rocket into the furthest depths of space! you, are there to help them along, by designing, and piloting various types of rockets and space planes. you have an unlimited amount of resources in your arsenal of ever expanding parts as updates are constantly happening. build a rocket and send it into orbit, from there the possibilities are endless!

The point of this game/simulator is simply to explore! in the most recent updates they have added the ability to place bases on other planets as well as dock things both on planet and in orbit. the game relies on real physics employing the need for inter-orbital burns to expand or contract sides of your orbit. things like retro-burning to safely slow down and land a lander on a planet. you can create probe satellites with solar panels that extend at the push of a button, add monitoring and communications equipment to add to the functionality. there is just so much about this game its hard to cover it all in one go, i don't even want to because a lot of the fun comes in exploring and figuring out things for your self. if you want more information on the game go to the url below. or check out the youtube link to watch a fun lets-play by kurtjmac.

Find Out More
To buy this game for only 23$ while still in beta and receive all future updates for free visit their official website.
Also check out some videos done by kurtjmac on youtube
Kurtjmac Let's Play Kerbal
this is the first video in his ongoing series. this takes place during the .13 update but as he goes along so do the updates.

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2 Some one else has found this gem?! on Fri May 31, 2013 12:17 am

I found this game a little bit back, and have been having a blast with it :3 I'm glad to see someone else has heard of it.

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