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BICs Update 005 - March 29

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1 BICs Update 005 - March 29 on Fri Mar 29, 2013 9:16 am

Jon Bon


Last update we went over what was going on in the publishing side of
things, this time we will focus a bit more on the development side. This update will focus on Bon Ink's short term goals on the development side, and our forum activity.

BICS Current Focus
In addition to the work done for the development teams publishing through Bon Ink, we are also focused on creating purchasable and free resources for use in the development of video games. This will be some of our first 'content' which will help to generate traffic for us as well as a fan following.

BICs Tutorials
We will be working on a series of video tutorials designed to help developers of varying skill. At present we have 1 completed, and would like to continue to make more before we begin posting them.
We'd love to see some of the other staff come up with their own ideas for tutorials to show of their skill as well. If you would like to work on tutorials made by you to be show by us to help others develop then drop me(Jon Bon) a line. Or you can post your ideas in this thread.
Tutorials Main Thread

Bics Graphics Pack
A graphics pack is in the process of being designed to be our first commercial sales item. It will be available for free use and download to anyone for use in free games. A commercial license will be made available for a 1 time flat rate in order to use the graphics in commercially released games. The commercial license will cover the pack content upon purchase as well as all future content added to that pack.
The intention is to create a resource kit that is both versatile and appealing to audiences. This should allow multiple developers to use the kit in success.
Once the kit/pack is complete, it will be used in house to develop our first rpg code named 'Steffa's RPG', but more on that in future updates.
To check out the graphics pack try the link below.
Graphics Pack Forum Category

Ackley's Music
Mr. Ackley, aka Shane Moss, our resident musician, is (hopefully) going to get his game music organized on band camp and made available for commercial license purchase. He is a very talented up and coming musician who I (Jon Bon) personally work with on many projects, and enjoy the sound of his music, especially when coming to video games (he does the music overs for our tutorials as well).
So be prepared to see his music area more organized as well as a 1 click button made available to quickly be brought to his band camp page to get some sweet sweet game music.

If you haven't yet heard the OUYA is a new house hold console developed by previously little known Julie Uhrman. I could go into depth about the many aspects of the OUYA, but instead I'll let you research the finer points on your own.
The short and narrow is that it's a console that allows anyone to develop games for it. That's right, and best of all it promises to have 100% games that have some form of free content (which includes demos).
Having heard of this day 1 on their kickstarter campaign, it was clear to me(Jon Bon) that this was going to be a success and something to be a part of. That was when for $120 Bon Ink Creations backed the project and procured their March delivery of the OUYA.
That's right, the OUYA began rolling out today and BIC's OUYA could be plugged in and running anywhere from today to a 14 days from now.
With this comes our future focus. We wont be able to be apart of the mass of games to come out for the system, due to a lack of knowledge and available time, but within this next year we will be turning focus to developing and supporting the development of games on this system.
So in other words BICs is going Console as well.

Forum Activity
We have been receiving more activity recently on the forums in the form of guests. Anywhere from 4 to 12 a day from all around the world, including return visits, so people are wanting to be kept informed. This is great news, and right on schedule. This means people are coming to see what development teams are up to and what's happening 'on the inside' of BICs.
This is why over the next few weeks I will be working to organize and help the development teams create impactful posts for their games in order to help drive traffic to their game's main sites as well. Remember that the point of these forums are to not only use them to communicate between teams, and BICs, but also to be able to show fans of the 'boring stuff' what you are up to in your game, again the 'inner workings' if you will. So I would advise those that have active projects to update their main posts(or create one!) in order to allow the people who come here to see what you are up to.
TIP: Remember, although you may have a facebook page, main website, and twitter, those are for when people decide they want to be your fan. Here they can check up on all the projects we have going on at once, when they become attached to one specifically, that's when you get your permanent fan on facebook, twitter etc.

Things are progressing nicely overall. In addition to the guest activity we have also seen more staff and development teams become active again, which is good. We hope to have a productive year, and work towards a grand opening and showing off our projects and helpful working environment to the world in due time.
As always, thanks for reading, and keep developing!

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