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BICs Update 004 - March 11

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1 BICs Update 004 - March 11 on Mon Mar 11, 2013 10:09 am

Jon Bon

Jon Bon
It's been 6 months since our last update so there is lots to mention, but I'll save some for future news updates. The past 6 months have been spent organizing our business model and planning for our future and overall direction. This news update covers new staff recruitment and positions, as well as project updates.

Part of the reason launching Bon Ink is taking so long is due to our split nature of being both a development and publishing company, as well as the fact it's lead by one person me(Jon Bon). Much of my time is spent researching and learning business and development related information as well as working with the other teams to help publish and develop their individual games. In order to gain more free time to work on all the aspects of Bon Ink that are necessary I have begun a recruiting process to find more volunteer staff who are looking to get their foot in the door of video game development.

Over the next while I will be working to fill specific roles I have in mind in order to take a load of work off of me as well as bring in new and dedicated developers with fresh ideas to help work with everyone. I will be recruiting to both the development and publishing sides as needed.

New Member
I would like to welcome Xellophane to the development side of Bon Ink. He ageed to come on to work on our first in house developed game planned for a commercial release.
Xellophane is a learning scripter who has agreed to develop a number of scripts (where possible) for us. He describes himself as a hobbyist gamer, but is being modest. His own development endeavors offer excellent stories with imaginative lore and worlds. His programming and story writing capabilities are likely to be among the many assets he brings to Bon Ink.
Welcome aboard Xellophane!

Agent Paper
Not really a new member, but actually lead of his own project, Paper has put his project on hold for the time being (more on that below) and has offered his help in the story writing and narrative aspects of peoples projects. If anyone finds themself in need of a good set of eyes and ears for an idea/story compilation I highly recommend sending him a message.
Thanks for the offer of help Agent Paper!

Project Updates
Grave Prosperity by LDC Studios
Our first released game Grave Prosperity is in it's second Part of a four part series for Volume 1. With Part 3 on hold, Justabox, the developer, has begun production on an animated film version of the Grave Prosperity lore. Partnered up with the lead voice actress of the game (Aurora Guinevere Price) they are sure to release a well produced title. I personally look forward to the release and watching the story unfold in a true 3D environment. Our work together producing the Volume 1 will continue after the movie is released.

Hollow Creek Stories: Felix's Nightmare by Black City Studios
Felix's Nightmare is 100% complete and awaiting launch. The delay is on our end, but the game should be launching shortly.

Dark Matter by Onyxbreakers
The Onyxbreaker team is still hard at work and last report was they had built a more active team and production was increasing. We have yet to see any screenshots or lore from them, but I highly anticipate their next update.

Discord by Paper Studios
Discord is officially on hold. Agent Paper reports a lack of the necessary time required to properly continue the development stage of his prequel. In the mean time he has offered to help along side projects, offering his services to read through stories, and give advice and opinions. We hope to afford the resources to focus on his release from our development side in the near future.

Steep Hill Manner by Ice Box Studios
Is still in the conceptual design phase. The Ice Box team is working on ironing out the story and testing ideas to what kind of system the game will include.

Work is currently going into completing our first commercially ready product. More word on that and our overall direction as a company in further news updates. I wanted to say that I am proud of all the developers working with us and all the leaps and bounds they have made, the obstacles they have over come and the results that have come out of it. Keep reading, and keep developing!

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