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BICs Update 003 - September 29 2012

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1 BICs Update 003 - September 29 2012 on Sat Sep 29, 2012 9:02 am

Jon Bon

Jon Bon

Other then working on our active marketing campaigns and development/design efforts, I have been spending the past month getting prepared for our grand opening. Specifically I have been learning HTML in order to be able to better design and customize our official website, forums, the official websites of our developers, e-mail news letters, widgets and much more as time passes. Everything being design and focused on will become an essential part of our operations here at Bon Ink and go towards making work easier and more efficient. Additionally I have been working to get our services entirely outlined and setup to open our doors to more development teams.
Read on to find out more detail about what is going towards grand opening and how the staff and developers stand to benefit from this.


Boutiques are a forever on going process I hope to have up and running for our grand opening. What it is, are internal sections to Bon Ink Creations that other talented indie developers can offer their skills for a discounted rate for Bon Ink Creations signed developers. The benefit for the boutique owners is a steady supply of work load and there for pay, as well as talented, dedicated, passionate and easy to work with developers. The benefit for the developers is the ability to use our boutiques to help in the production or post production of their products. The benefit for Bon Ink is less work in gathering talented workers and resources and the ability to provide unique aspects to our developed and published games.
Bon Ink takes no percent or pay or compensation in any way from the boutique owners, we only ask that our developers get an exclusive deal on pricing or plans from them for working through Bon Ink.
We currently have hard yeses from a music creation studio comprised of 4 very talented indie game music composers, and a voice acting studio started by the up and coming but very skilled voice actress and star of Grave Prosperity, Aurora.
If you have a skill or talent that is good enough to sell the results, then please consider making designing yourself a boutique in order to lend that talent/skill to others for pay.

Monthly Plans

In order to develop or publish your game through Bon Ink creations you must be invited or apply for entry. This will likely never change for the sheer fact that it is the only way to control work load and volume of signed developers.
At current we are focused on the production and release of free games but with the intent to move into purchase releases after each free release. When we have our grand opening I would like to have both the free and pay plans open for submission by other developers.

Developers Info

I would like the developers signed with us to make a posting in their general section regarding their development team. This post will act as your first stop source for team related information at Bon Ink. Updates and changes to this should be made then a reply posted to notify of changes, then the development teams information on Bon Ink's end can be updated and changed accordingly where ever appropriate. This allows the posting of information regarding the team in multiple places but still allows them to all be in sync and updates by keeping track and being organized. So the development team only needs to post in one place (here) and we can just update it everywhere else as needed

Official Emails

Developers who will be publishing through us, not just developing will be getting an E-Mail address to represent their team,
These are easily setup through Google, and can be swapped between an existing google E-mail address just as easily. This is where all important information will be sent to from Bon Ink, and where all your websites and other sign up information will be sent. This way Bon Ink and the development team/lead can share an e-mail address for ease of use and sharing of information/methods. A list will be made of all places signed to that e-mail as time passes so in the event the team would like to make their own e-mail then they can go and change each e-mail.


Dropbox is an excellent program that allows file sharing from the leisure of a desktop folder. It has both free and pay options, for our purposes the free will work just fine on the developers and staff end. We will be requiring all developers and staff to get this program in order to easily share information between each other. Each staff member and Development team is assigned a Bon Ink Creations folder with their name/group name on it. Inside it's divided into sections based on need. The intent is to cut down on time between communication and material sharing, if something is needed it's simply put into the folder and synced, then a permanent copy is made 1. on the original computer, 2. on dropbox servers, 3. on the computer of anyone shared to the folder. This is an excellent way to quickly and easily share and edit information in a mutual effort.


Our official grand opening is planned for near the launch of Grave Prosperity on October 26th 2012. I hope you are all as excited as I am, I have lots more planned, but what I have mention is what is set in stone for now.

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