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Getting into java (and soon c++)!

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1 Getting into java (and soon c++)! on Sat Jul 27, 2013 9:45 pm

So About two days ago, I decided I wanted to learn java. So, that's exactly what I set out to do! first thing I did was looked up tutorials. Sadly, most tutorials told me that I needed a basic understanding of how java worked, or how coding with java was done. As i had never coded in any language past html, this was an issue. Eventually I stumbled upon a user by the name of AbsoluteZeroBelow. He has about 37 videos on youtube, all sequentially structured to help a user learn to operate inside eclipse IDE and at the same time, code through java! this was one of the most helpful tutorials I had ever found period. After about 10 episodes, I had written 2 programs. the first was a text based calculator. The second was a text based program where the user would input the amount of coins they had, then the program would tell them how many dollars they had, quarters, dimes, ect of that amount of pennies. then, yesterday, jon and I were talking and he suggested I try to make a program for telling given a specific amount of time (all the way from seconds to decades) it would then spit out, how many that value converted into from seconds to decades. for example if you put in, 24 hours, you would get out, x amount of seconds, x amount of minutes, 24 hours, 1 day, so on and so on all the way to decades. then the program asks if you would like to go again? and you either type yes or no. its a very simple program in theory but in design its quite interesting. I spent a total of about 10-14 hours coding, testing, fixing, testing, ect. to get a final...(nearly) perfect program! so far it seems to work how i want it too. there are a few bugs, but what program doesn't have its share? if you want, you can download the program hereĀ

it contains the program's .jar file, a run.bat file to run the program, and all the source code I wrote for the program. any input or comments are appreciated! Very Happy

for some great java tutorials for beginners!

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