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Official Onyxbreakers Website

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1 Official Onyxbreakers Website on Sun Apr 07, 2013 7:40 am


At last its hear .... the official Onyxbreakers website.
check it out and let us know what you think should be changed and what not.

feed back would be greatly appropriated


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2 Opinions on Mon Apr 08, 2013 7:25 pm

Jon Bon

Jon Bon

I definitely like the initial layout. But I do have a few tips/opinions, to be of course taken or left accordingly based on your own opinions.

Good Points
-Noticed the 2013 copyright info, good stuff.
-The over all feel and layout is a damn good start.
-The Background is perfect for Dark Matter
-Welcome message (make sure to update it as time passes, hehe)
-Twitter Feed on main page, great to see
-News tab, rather than main page, perfect.

Social Panel
The social panel for facebook/Twitter etc, is at the bottom of the page this should be moved to the top (if possible, or the side strip) to increase the likelihood of people seeing and therefore clicking on it.

I noticed there are two sets of image boxes on the front page, one large one at the top and one smaller near the bottom. I'm not sure why the two different ones, and would consider combining them into one (unless they serve a future purpose). Although I'll admit it lines the page nicely, but the ones at the bottom are the 'good screenshots' (ones a gamer might look for to see what the game is about) and force the viewer to scroll down to see them (lessening the chance of them being viewed).
It might be wise to simply combine them all (including screenshot page) into one screenshot area (with title) on the main page near or at the top so everyone who visits sees them first thing.

Front Banner
I noticed it says Onyxbreakers at the top of the page, and again in the banner, I don't think both is needed but I understand the want to put your stylized version there as well. I might try changing the banner to something game related (shot with all characters, having your stylized team name across the bottom diagonally or something aesthetic) then that will allow the screenshot area at top to house all the screen shots.

Review Trailer
I am not sure what this review trailer is? I recognize the puppet from your game? All I know is it's awesome. And if that's one of you two doing the review, and it is in fact one of your game characters, I think that's amazing. If so, you should definitely try and tie the two together somehow to share audiences and promote both. In either case, I believe the review is somewhat confusing to the relevance to the game itself, and maybe needs a small blurb on the page to explain why it relates to Dark Matter.

Page Suggestions
The following page suggestions can be added right away or built over time to be posted on twitter etc, to generate traffic as weeks pass.

-Game Info
There is no general information about your game, system it'll be on (Console/PC), Engine that it's made with (RMVX), Type of game (Sci-Fi RPG), estimated length, intended rating, etc.
Specific Info can also be added, either in sub pages or on one page, character names, bios, planet names, regional information, race types, cultural information etc, anything that is part of the lore or the base game itself (of course keeping spoilers in mind). This helps players feel your world(universe) and want to get into it.

This is where you will credit yourself, your other team mates, your publisher as well as any open rights resources, worked hired out, or anything else you need/want to credit as used in the process of making the game,. If you build this now as you go it can then be used at the end for your final credits roll, since you'll have a list already.

Turnover Rate
The main thing to remember when making a website is that the majority of people may not go further than the initial home page, based on interest. So it's always best to ensure as much relevant and striking information/graphics is available at the front first thing they see. Then less relevant or 'less wanted' information is there on other pages(more clicks) and less likely to be looked at. This is just a general rule of thumb, which I think you achieved rather nicely, but thought it worthy to point out so others can observe it as well.

That's about all I noticed, no hard feelings if you disagree with any/all etc. I am totally open to discuss or elaborate on why I think something etc, it's always good to share work related opinions and therefore learn from each other. Ultimately it's your choice I'm just here to help (hopefully, ha). I think the site is much better than the last site, and this should definitely be what you work off of and expand as your project grows.
One thing I will point out is to plan for the future, if this site is 'Onyxbreakers', it may be wise to have a 'Dark Matter' page with everything related to the game as sub pages. This way if you plan other ventures (other games, youtbue reviews, etc.) under Onyxbreakers you can use the same website and simply add new tabs, and use the front page to advertise whatever is new you are working on. Because it's important to remember your 'brand' is Onyxbreakers, and your 'product' is Dark Matter. Your brand will never change (provided you of course you dont sell in the future etc) but your product will. So it's important to brand your game, but remember at the end of the day you want the gamers to remember Onyxbreakers, like people remember Activision, or EA, etc, as much or more than people will remember Dark Matter, like they do elder scrolls, or GTA, etc.

You guys are doing great, I love the twitter updates, the planned weekly updates, the amount of media on your site, and everything. I think you got a great plan so far (from what I can see) and it shouldn't be too hard to build upon that, and even easier to build you a solid fan base.
Keep up the excellent work!
/Jon Bon

P.S. Let me know if you want me to go into more detail about branding, and product recognition etc.(marketing=day job)

Last edited by Jon Bon on Thu Apr 11, 2013 7:36 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Put the comments in spoilers to clean the thread.)

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3 offical Onyxbreakers website Update on Thu Apr 11, 2013 12:08 pm


so after taking what jon had to say i edited the website this is still very new to me so please be pasiont we are still working all the bits and bobs out the race section hasnt been finished yet but i will get around to that tonight.

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4 updates on Thu Apr 18, 2013 8:40 am


Hey guys iv been updating the web site again this time it is all finished with new pages for characters and planets which will be added to as time gos on.

head over to the site and have a look Very Happy

please comment on here if you think there is anything we should change Very Happy

Lee + Edgar

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