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BICs Custom Indoor Tileset

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1 BICs Custom Indoor Tileset on Tue Jan 08, 2013 2:18 pm

Jon Bon

Jon Bon


The BICs custom tileset is designed and formatted for use in the RMXP engine by enterbrain. It is being made with the intent to meet the needs of a medievil, modern, and futuristic graphics style.
Anyone is free to use the tileset (see terms of use for specifics) but be aware that until it is escalated to Version 1.0, the tile positions may change, and the current layout is NOT permanent.

Tileset V0.1
Please read the terms of use below before using the tileset. The name, and tile locations WILL be moved until the tileset reaches V1.0.

Example Rooms


Terms of Use
- DO NOT repost in part, in whole or edited versions of these graphics anywhere without written permission. (Not including game screen shots.)
-Free to use for non commercial game
-License available for use in commercial games (no price listed yet)
-Free for any use to those that are signed onto Bon Ink as developers or staff.

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