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1 Consultants on Thu May 24, 2012 6:54 pm

Jon Bon

A large part of the function of this company is having a 'think tank' of sorts for the many different aspects of video games development. The purpose of this thread is to catalogue the staff members current knowledge categories, so that we can easily utilize each person. Below is a list of the staff members and their applicable knowledge they have volunteered to be contacted about and share their wisdom.

Staff recruited here are scouted first, and credentials checked before hand. Links are provided to their creation studios where you may see examples of their various works.

Skills-Theses are what the person in question brings to the table that can be measurable and unique. Skills are something that take a long amount of time and dedication to earn. Examples, graphic design, Html, web site design, story writing, etc.
Background-This is the background the person and may or may no relates to the video game industry, things they have done many times, but are not a specific skill. Examples, team leading/managing, marketing/advertising, video game conceptual design, product testing, forum administration etc. This is also where you would put your job background.
Knowledge/Research-This represents a subject the person in question retains a permanent information base on and makes every effort to keep up to date on the topic. Anything in the experience and skills section is assumed to be here also, but topics mentioned here are likely more broad. Examples, law, medicine, history

Jon Bon
-Copyright Law within the United States and Common Wealth
-International Copyright Laws
-Software release cycle
-Medieval food, weaponry, and clothing
-Human/animal behavior
-Metal and electronic recycling practices.

-Launching commercial promotional and advertising campaigns for video games.
-Coordinating team efforts and utilizing team strengths to reach a mutual goal.
-Hiring, recruiting, and managing personnel in a professional work setting.
-Beta testing many commercial games.
-Fast food industry, restaurants, and overall safety and operation of a kitchen.

-Creating and editing Sprite work in a 16bit or lower style.
-Voice acting.
-Story arc, character development, and other writing related methods.
-Problem solving a variety of scenarios with no background knowledge on the topic matter.

-Canadian nursing standards and practices
-Advanced anatomy and physiology
-Moderate pharmacology

-Clinical work setting
-Fast food industry

-Read sheet music, and play basic instruments.
-Editing writing for grammar and comprehension, and conversion into APA format

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