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Progress on the IceEngine

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1 Progress on the IceEngine on Fri Aug 24, 2012 11:29 pm

Allright, ive created this topic to give anybody who cares, news and info on IceBox's current project, the IceEngine. this is a c# engine, that me and a few friends are developing to create emersive 3D games. the reason for this, is that most gaming to date is based arround 3D technologies. this engine will take quite a while to finish due to lack of funds as well as coders for icebox. however, when it is complete, there will be a "freeware" version that i will wright a tutorial for, this freeware version will be accessable by anybody published under BonInk. eventually once all the dings have been hammered out, it will become a public engine. i, personally, have very big hopes for this engine, seeing what c# can create amazes me. all of our 3D games here at IBS will be coded in this program. and therefor, the full version will never really go public so to speak.

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