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Bon Ink Forum Newsletter - 003 - August 11 2012

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Jon Bon


Content: Publishing Progress, Company Direction, Forum Style
Bon Ink Forum Newsletter - 003 - August 11 2012

I (Jon Bon) started this newsletter in an effort to help keep the members of this forum, the front line of Creation at Bon Ink, informed about the goings on both here on the forums and relating to Bon Ink Creations in general. Newsletters are sent to all members of the forum and can be shut off/turned on in your profile options. I promise to keep these as concise as possible, and would like to thank you for your time and consideration.

Publishing Progress
Progress into the Grave Prosperity marketing campaign is going swimmingly, the Dark Matter guys are hard at work as always, and Agent Paper has proved to be a very talented writer. Work towards Felix's Nightmare's campaign will begin shortly soon too! Our own internal development efforts have finally begun on a project that is hopefully going to be the one we focus on as our first in house launch. Things couldn't be progressing more smoothly on the publishing side of things, keep up all the great work developers!

Grave Prosperity
The Grave Prosperity launch date has been set for Oct 26th 2012! Furthermore one of the few last voice actors has contacted us and finished his work, and only a few minor pieces are missing to complete Bon Inks efforts towards the development end of Grave Prosperity Volume 1 Part 1. Grave Prosperity's official website (link provided below) is averaging 17 unique hits a day 11 days into the first month of our 3 month marketing campaign. With material only planned on a 2 day release schedule, and with material currently only posted through our official twitter account and the twitter account of Grave Prosperity, the outcome is excellent and looks to provide an upwards trend. 17 is no 1 million, but it's a great start, with highs in the 40's. I know I am personally excited to get a hold of Part 1 when it's entirely complete, so get ready for a great free indie game come Oct 26th made by LDC Studios and published by us Bon Ink Creations.!

Company Direction
Work over the past few weeks has been going towards setting up a proper infrastructure for the business end of things here at Bon Ink. What does that mean exactly? In short it means setting up all the proper paper work necessary for operating the business, ie contract info, non disclosure agreements, and working towards our official gran opening, like to coincide with or near the launch of Grave Prosperity. In September Bon Ink will be acquire it's official business license from the Canadian Government, and will allow us to contact many other businesses on an official capacity in order to represent our developers, such as the ESRB, and distributing houses, among many more. We have some great things in store for the last 6 months of 2012, all stuff that has been planned over the spring and summer and is ready to implement starting in September.
So look forward to some awesome leaps and bounds forward as we make the push to a full fledged indie company. Thanks to everyone involved so far!

Forum Style Change
Upon dismissal of Shingamix from Forum Admin, the style and theme were reverted back to the original theme upon forum launch (by me, Jon Bon). Work will be put into reverting it back to it's former efficient state (prior to our change in administrative staff), I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused

Wrap Up
I plan to be sending these more frequently, and smaller. Full steam ahead and no more distractions! Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding in our current growth and development phase of the company itself.
/Jonathon Stuart Bon

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