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Bon Ink Forum Newsletter - 002 - July 06 2012

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1 Bon Ink Forum Newsletter - 002 - July 06 2012 on Sat Jul 07, 2012 4:41 pm

Jon Bon


Content: Publishing Progress, Social Networking, Company Direction
Bon Ink Forum Newsletter - 002 - July 06 2012

I (Jon Bon) started this newsletter in an effort to help keep the members
of this forum, the front line of creation at Bon Ink, informed about
the goings on both here on the forums and relating to Bon Ink Creations
in general. Newsletters are sent to all members of the forum and can be
shut off/turned on in your profile options. I promise to keep these as
concise as possible, and would like to thank you for your time and

Publishing Progress
are really going great with all the developing teams signed onto Bon
Ink. Everyone is really taking this stuff to heart and working towards
making a public image for their individual groups and games. I want to
commend the dedication to these independent developers and assure
everyone your dedication and patience will pay off in the long run.

Grave Prosperity
into Grave Prosperity is going great. Part 1 is complete in it's
current state and work has begun into implementing a combat system to
finalize the design aspects of the game. Soft launch date is planned for
October 30th but no official announcements are being made yet.

Dark Matter
Dark Matter guys are hard at work as always and have been posting
updates to their facebook and twitter accounts. The game has such
vibrant roots being told from published books the developers wrote
themselves, this title is sure to have an engaging and well thought out
Onyxbreaks on FB!/Onyxbreakers

Felix's Nightmare
game is already complete and has been in development for over a year
now, and is one of two games I first wanted to sign to the company a
while back when I first began scouting. This is entirely developed by
the one man team Black City Studios by the developer 'Black City Will'.
Bon Ink Creations is playing a small part in the release role of this
game in the sense we have helped test and direct it's marketing and
launch plan. Felix's Nightmare has been played personally by myself (Jon
Bon) and I enjoyed it thoroughly.
No official website or links yet, but soon to come!

Social Marketing
the twitter and facebook accounts for Bon Ink Creations are setup and
tied in properly. There will be a guide going up this weekend to help
show other development teams how they can create a dynamic and impactful
'public storefront' for their game as well as post on both with little
to no effort.
I will be hoping that all development teams get at
least a account started so that Bon Ink Creations can
retweet and share your different development progress with our fanbase.

Company Direction
are going great as far as working towards setting up a stable and
active learning environment for our developers here. Talks are still
ongoing with an independent musician to get him signed to us and
creating unique music for games publisher through our label. Research
has also been going into resources and tools, and information for our
developers to better help suit their needs. Research into alternative
methods to funding the company in order to stimulate productivity and
offer pay work for the talented people here has also begun, and we hope
to have the ability to offer more useful exclusive services to our
developers in the near future.

would like to welcome Bigace to our staff here at Bon Ink Creations. He
is currently working on his own designs but has agreed to come on as a
scripter for rmxp to help with our creations efforts and in turn get the
creation help he needs for his amazing and long worked on project.

Wrap Up
that about sums up everything going on with the company. I have been
tirelessly researching and creating information that is concise and
helpful to our designs and getting our games recognized by the players
who want to play them. So expect some posts in the Library soon, and
keep reading up on your individual crafts and skills!

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