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Crafting and Item Creation

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1 Crafting and Item Creation on Wed May 16, 2012 12:35 am

Jon Bon

There are three main types of crafting. Equipment, Alchemy and cooking. Equipment crafting is done by stores and will always tell you what they can craft and what you need to make it. Alchemy however is less common and the player must have the ingredients already on them for the recipes to be presented by the alchemist. Cooking is not done by the player character, and the results vary depending on the cook/chef more than the ingredients.

Equipment Crafting
Blacksmithing, Couture, and Woodworking make up the equipment trades. The player may find tradesmen all around Albion and should keep a watchful eye for unique recipes. Materials for crafting can be found many places through out your journey. The easiest being through world map exploration.

Alchemy Crafting
Alchemy is Gaius' trade, and there for the player can preform alchemy any time he is present in the party, or otherwise accesible to speak with. Ingredients can be most commonly found be defeating creatures.

Food Crafting
Cooking can be only be done when someone who is properly trained is present. A set number of ingredients can be chosen based on the cooks skill from the players inventory, and the results are created based on those parameters. Cooks may fail at creating food and waste your ingredients, some places offer refunds, some do not. Food material can be found everywhere, specifically where people are.

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