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Skills, Weapon Skills and Skill Trees

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1 Skills, Weapon Skills and Skill Trees on Wed May 16, 2012 12:06 am

Jon Bon

Skills(techniques and magic) can be gained in many different ways. Each character has a skill tree they can spend their personal skill points in to gain new skills. An innate skill is also given to every character, some usable in battle some on the world map, some only in the menu. Each character can also gain a new skill by reaching a higher level. Each weapon in the game has a certain number of skills automatically assigned to it, anyone equipping that weapon can use those skills (but only while the weapon is equipped). There are also other pieces of gear that grant skills upon equipping, such as triage kits. Characters may also find trainers, and other characters that are willing/able to teach them additional skills.

Innate Skills

Each character is given an innate and unique skill that can either be used during combat, on the world map or in the menu. The skills range from, combat, to crafting, to dungeon information, map travel and others.

Skill Trees

Each character has 3 trees, a general tree, a character specific tree, and a diet tree. These represent the majority of the method the player will obtain permanent skills for each character.
The general tree includes skills that any person can use.
The character specific tree includes skills related to the class of the character.
The diet tree includes stat and other benefits the character can gain.
Skills unlocked in the character specific trees go under their own category during combat for easy access. However the General tree skills go into their own category too.

Milestone(Level) Skills
These are skills that are automatically rewarded at specific levels to each character. They are always unique to the character and often times are used to unlock areas. Milestone skills are added into the character specific skill tree category once acquired.

Weapon Skills
Each weapon in the game has preset skills assigned to it that the player who equips the weapon will be able to temporarily use. Weapons of certain types (Axes, Swords, Bows, Daggers) will have unique skills that only they possess. The better the weapon the more skills and the more unique they are. Weapon skills always go into their own category during combat for easy use.

Equipment Skills
Similar to weapon skills, equipment skills are temporarily available while the player is wering the equipment. The difference is they vary depending or what the equipment is. Some will be added to another current category, or create their own.

Trained Skills
These skills can be learned by specific people on your journey. Who can learn the, what they do, and what type they are depends on the trainer. Trainers Randomly appear depending on the time of day, and randomly in general. There is no way to predict where one will be.

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