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a resume of sorts XD (just some examples of my work)

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Hello, Im Ackley and this is where i will be posting alot of my unnassigned work that i either don't want to use in any games or don't think fits in any games that im currently working on. if u would like permissions to use any of these songs i would please ask you to pm me here or on the rmxpunlimited sight. and i will send u any format of the song of your choice granted i approve your request. thank you for understanding and i hope you enjoy my art Very Happy

this first one is a ringtone that my aunt asked me to make for her. i call it essence and intend to make a full song out of it in due time

This is a full version of the song above witch is this songs ringtone counterpart that i made for my aunt

thats all i have at the moment.mainly because im too busy to post much else (or make much else for that matter XD atleast at the current moment) but i hope you enjoy :3

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