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R&D How -To

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1 R&D How -To on Wed May 30, 2012 12:05 am

Jon Bon

Research and Development. This is a very broad subject matter, ranging from anything directly video game related to potential real life job skills for story realism. You never know what kind of expertise you might need more insight in. Of course you are going to need to know what kind of programming you need, or graphics types, audio files etc, but what about that ex-soldier you're writing for, or the nurse character you have on your team, are you really qualified to write for those characters? The point is everyone has knowledge in many different things, from years of life experience. On top of that you never know what people have picked up, or read up on, or are willing to go and read up on.

Purpose of this Area
Here you can post a thread about what you need more information regarding. Then if one of our staff or other team members/leads has information for you they can share it and potentially save you days and weeks of research. Remember to be as specific as possible, as much detail into what you intend to do with the information and what you need will help people be as precise as you need.

Example Post
Supject Matter:
Topic Matter:
Current Knowledge Level:
Intended use/purpose:

By filling this out and making a new thread post in the R&D category someone can either contact you to help consult, or do some research for you.

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