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Introduction To Grave Prosperity

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1 Introduction To Grave Prosperity on Mon May 28, 2012 2:21 pm



A Quick Look Inside:
Grave Prosperity is currently an RMXP game driven by a combination of action, horror & suspense. If you're a fan of the old Resident Evil or Silent Hill games, then you will feel very at home with this title.
After being set up and left for dead, you awaken bleeding in a ditch beneath the wreckage of your car. With no recollection of the preceding events you stare deeply into the wilderness stretching before you. The only thing between you and civilization is an ancient dark structure resting in the heart of the woods. Navigate your way through this abysmal place and into the black city of Prosperity, a city where god has no name and the light has been long forgotten...

Daz Studio/ Carrara
Music & SFX:
Two Steps From Hell/ Sound Dogs
Zeriab's Anti Lag/ RPG Advocate's Save Confirm/ 8 Frame Sprite Animation/ Mithran's Picture Erase/ ForeverZer0's Book Script/ SephirothSpawn's Splash Screen/ Kellessdee's Clear Cache Script/ ForeverZer0's Diary Script

Custom Battle System, Lock Picking, Interactive Action CGs, Puzzles, Multiple Endings

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