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Dark Matter Overview

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1 Dark Matter Overview on Sun May 27, 2012 7:58 pm


Dark Matter is a new age rpg mixing many of the classic rpg systems thrown together.
~Ranting is T-Teen~

Genre- Sci-Fi

Platform- RPG Maker VX.

The protagonist, of who's name is up to you, awakens in a crash site.
Flames dance around him and a large space craft lays embedded in the
mountainside beside him. With no idea in what's going on and few survivors,
he is confronted by the battered Lione, who reveals she is the vice-warden
from the crashed prison ship. You are one of the prisoners. But who crashed
the ship? Was it you? You don't remember. You were locked in stasis for an
unknown amount of time. Was it the vice-warden? She seems to hate you and
all criminals. Or was it the warden, Cyrril, who blames both you and the
vice-warden, forcing an unlikely alliance with her as he hunts you both down?
The only thing to do is run to the nearby town and find out what's going on...

And that starts the story of Dark Matter. Intrigued? I hope so.


thanks to - Redeyereaper for all the art work done check it out -
Edgar Duncan for all the work being done Posted Image best writer i know and amazing on RPG Maker VX
Scott and Arron for the music

to those that translated the following scripts and any others that we have used in the game
i will put up a full list with names ect when i have time.

Side Battle System
Caterpillar Script
OmegaX Achievments
Materia System
Ziifee's spin Menu
Alignments system
Custom graphics and music
And more!



the protaganist wakes to find himself in the middle of a crash site surrounded by body of dead guards
after being force to team up with a stuck up vice-warden from what he discovers is a prison ship
he finds himself thrown into the middle of action in the 3 galaxys.


After being framed by her boss she is force to work with the protagenist although hating criminals
she has no choice its life or death.


Aliza has multipule personalitys that allows her to cope in almost all situations.
after dealing with all the problems that bothered her on her
home planet she leaves to be close to the only person she knows.


Kim was once a young Shi Girl until she was turned into a destructive killer robot.
almost 100 years has passed since and after having someone that showed her love
but when that person is taken from her she is force to go with the protagenist to help her friend,

Phoenix is a memeber of Chimera a Rebellin group whi are fighting to take there plant back.


after being recruted into a school that trains Death he finds himself having a very strong
rivalry to the protagenist he finds himself stuck bet heaven and hell (litteraly)

~More about the game~
This game has been in the works since December 2011
and I'm releasing the demo that will have the first couple of hours of gameplay
We are currently working on the first of three galaxys that will hold 11
main planets along with lots of side planets to do side quests and bountys.
This game is Star Ocean meets Mass Effect. You never have to worry about
saving it with easy save access through the main menu.
The fullgame will have over twenty hours of
gameplay.... and that without doing bountys and all the added features.

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