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Umaro Tondaro[Game/Learning Resource]

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1 Umaro Tondaro[Game/Learning Resource] on Tue May 22, 2012 8:57 pm

This is a game i made a few years ago. Its an abandoned project and now used to aid people in making advanced systems.

Feel free to open the project and learn from it. Very Happy

Title is fully animated.


Umaro Tondaro is about a war going on between two nations. Zadune and Zarthan are having a war to take over the other nation. Zadune is slowly losing the war and the king has been captured.

You play as General Carin of Zadune. It is your job to save Zadune from Zarthan control.


Side View Battle System

Tactical Battle System

Personal Save Files - Your own profile for saving.

Advanced Message System.

Custom Menu System

Lots more.

Demo Link: Umaro Tondaro Demo Version: 1.1
Note: No RMXP or RTP needed to play the demo.
Demo Play Time: Aprox 1hour

Feel free to leave comments Smile

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