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Grave Prosperity - Known Bugs List

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1 Grave Prosperity - Known Bugs List on Thu Oct 25, 2012 11:50 am



The below is a list of all known bugs in Grave Prosperity. If you have encountered an issue not listed here please feel free to post it for addition. Severe and game breaking bugs will be fixed, and minor and non serious issues will be resolved in future released issues and along side severe issues if they present themselves.
Some of the issues listed here are not currently fixable.

Bug List

Bug: Walk Animation
Effect: When beside a solid wall and walking into it the run animation will loop in a comical fashion.
Severity: Low
Fix: None, don't do it.

Bug: Freeze on load up
Effect: During splash screens the game may stall or freeze if an alternate window is selected
Frequency: Low
Severity: Low
Fix: Let the game load, close and reload if freeze.

Bug: Run Function
Effect: Running may stay 'on' after releasing the assigned button
or a standing animation may also be kept 'on'.
Frequency: Low
Severity: Low
Fix: Press and release the button assigned to the run function.

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