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IceBox Studios

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1 IceBox Studios on Mon Sep 24, 2012 11:57 pm

IceBox Studios
IceBox is currently in development working on several "starter" projects to settle in to the indie world. were currently working on 4 titles as well as custom made engines for things like foliage and physics as well as graphics and gameplay. three of the titles are going to be made using this engine compilation which will be known as the IceEngine. the other will be made using RMXP and will be distributed with kickstarter as we need money for computers for our developers and content producers.

about us: IceBox was founded by myself and my friend Chris (streffey) origionaly back about 6 months or so ago. since then we have added 3 new members, Holly (hollydragonborn) jack (adminpasswordminecraft) and my friend austin who dosn't currently have any sort of handle. the five of us are hard at work creating ideas and content as much as we can whenever we can while trying to ballance our daily lives. we are all (with the exception of austin) under the age of 18 and are still in school so life is hectic. but with pure will and determination we can make these goals reality.


lead audio/music tech, developer, founder, owner, designer

lead art manager, artist, 3d designer, writer, founder

writer, level designer, "idea guy", founder

coder, level designer, character designer, founder

writer, designer, graphic artist

Fan Message
Thank you to everybody for all the support. in our current state of growth it is imperative that we have this because without it, we would falter.

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