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Enterbrain's RMXP Engine

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1 Enterbrain's RMXP Engine on Tue May 15, 2012 10:29 pm

Jon Bon

Jon Bon
Released in 2005, RPG Maker XP is the chosen program/engine for Merlin The RPG. With an abundance of plug in programms in the form of 'scripts' available this was an obvious choice for the game. Being designed to make rpg style games, the XP engine came ready to go was an ideal choice for the games creation, below is a link to the official site.
And next is a link to the wiki page.

The engine itself allows game creation with minimal to no programming knowledge or skills. The scripts that are put into rmxp to allow it to do more than 'out of the box' can be made by anyone and a lot of them are free to use for non commercial products. RMXP is a very easy tool to use when it comes to making games and your end product is really only limited by your imagination and dedication.

There are many communities that focus both on rpg creation and around this engine specifically. Of them I have chosen to develop at and get help from the community at There are many others to look into as well, but this is the most friendly I have found.

Future Installments
All future installments will likely be created on this engine. There will likely never be a Merlin the RPG game made by Bon Ink Creations on anything other then RMXP.

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